Academic Coaching + Life Coaching = Academic Life Coaching!

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Academic Life Coaching Concepts in the Classroom


Creating Opportunities For Success!

In this workshop, ALC concepts are presented as additional tools teachers can use to improve communication in the classroom, increase confidence, foster motivation, improve learning, and create opportunities for success for the students and the teacher.

Academic Success: for Teens and Parents


Homework, grades, and motivation!

This Workshop focuses on how to help your student achieve academic success. Learn how to direct your student to improve their homework habits, study skills, and time management. Look at different motivation styles and find out how you can help motivate your teen. We also examine what causes procrastination and what stands in the way of achieving desired results.

Parenting With Academic Life Coaching Concepts


How can parents use coaching concepts?

Communication is the key to strengthening your relationship with your teen. During this workshop parents will be introduced to core coaching concepts such as levels of listening, empathy, and changing assumptions. Using these concepts help builds a stronger relationship with your teen.

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