Academic Coaching + Life Coaching = Academic Life Coaching!



 Client Testimonials:

Dear Colleen

Thank you for taking the time to work with Anastasia. I truly believe that your academic life coaching has given her different perspectives and positive ways to look at and approach school, sports and life. They are invaluable lessons and tools.  I have to agree with you that she is a special girl.  We will plan something celebratory for her...Thank you again for everything.


Parent of a High School Sophomore Athlete

Ethan has been generous with his time over winter break and has shared a good amount of time with family. May it be playing board games, walking in the park, I'm really happy that he has been trying and has changed for the better. I hope that he will continue with this. Thank you for your time and encouragement in your part.

Parent of A High School Freshman


I wanted to thank you for working with our son and leading him through your Academic Life Coaching program. He has always been a great kid, but he had a hard time focusing his attention to complete projects, study for tests and manage his time. While he enjoyed school, at times his grades brought him down.

I think that our son was impressed with your ability to figure out his learning style and get him to see this for himself. He felt comfort in someone understanding him, accepting him and encouraging him.

While he is still outgoing and eager to share his thoughts, he has become more aware of himself. He has taken ownership in his education, which has removed daily conflicts at home. He routinely seeks out his teachers to clarify material, help with organization and follow up with them if he did not receive the grade he was expecting.

At home, he has continued to keep his room better organized. He is much more aware of distractions and is working towards staying on task using some of the tools you worked on during your time together. I think he feels better about himself, is more confident in his abilities and excepting of his setbacks. He continues to be enthusiastic about school and I am glad that he has learned some tools to help him manage his time. 

This has been such a positive experience for our son. We have noticed a huge improvement in his outlook on life and all its possibilities. 



Parent of An Eighth Grade Student

I would like to say how pleased I am with the change in my daughter's attitude toward achieving academic goals. Colleen coached my daughter through a transfer in her junior year.  She went from the public high school to the more rigorous curriculum of a private academy.  Colleen honed my daughter's organizational skills.  Colleen helped my daughter to visualize and implement success in classes in which she had previously doubted her aptitude. I do not have any qualms now about my daughter's ability to segue smoothly from high school to the demands of college. Amazingly enough Colleen accomplished all of this using Skype and email as we were states apart.

Parent of a High School Junior